The 5 Best Canadian Items to Pack this Long Weekend for your Health

The 5 Best Canadian Items to Pack this Long Weekend for your Health

| Evryday Team

It’s almost time for the long weekend, which means time to pack up and go have fun with family and friends! We know that as Canadians the long weekend is the official start to summer social events and after the last few years we are as excited as you are to get out there and see our loved ones!

Summer travel season can be intense for your physical and mental health. Let’s face it between the docktails and the late nights it can be rough trying to keep your physical health together between the months of May and September.

We have rounded up the 5 items to start packing in your weekender bag that will not only make sure you keep your own health in tip top shape, but will also make you a prime guest and host for the people around you.

  1. Nonalcoholic alternatives – One of the biggest trends to come out of the pandemic was the polarization of alcohol. Many people either embraced it or cut it all the way out. Nonalcoholic alternatives don’t have to be boring, and they aren’t the fruit juice that your parents used to remember. If you haven’t checked out acid league yet then you are missing out. They are an amazing Canadian brand that was started at the University of Guelph, and they have a wide range of products from vinegars to wine proxies. They reimagined vinegar by creating living vinegars that have bold flavors and will help support good gut health. Not to mention the natural probiotics in the vinegars will help keep your stomach and immune system in fighting shape so that you can recover quickly for during the week.  Their exotic line of vinegars can serve as an amazing base for cocktails, or mocktails and will make your season summer salads pop with flavour.
  1. SPF sunscreen – As Canadians we tend to come out of winter paler than some of the polar bears walking around in the north. It’s always important to wear an SPF, but especially at the beginning of cottage season. We have really been loving mineral based sunscreens because they use zinc oxide as the active ingredient to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. The zinc oxide is a natural mineral from the earth. When applied to the skin, it sits on top of your skin and acts as a physical barrier. It blocks the sun’s rays before the damaging radiation can reach your skin. Chemical sunscreens in comparison are absorbed by your skin and then absorb UV rays beneath the skin’s surface. This means that chemical sunscreens protect you from burns but not from UV exposure. They may also contain potentially harmful chemical ingredients that are able to enter your bloodstream. A Canadian brand launched by tennis star Venus Williams called eleVen, includes a face serum and body sunscreen formulated specifically to work with every skin tone.
  1. Dips and spreads –As a Registered Dietitian I can tell you that food is the backbone of most people’s enjoyment. Long weekends are all about family and friends and a time to come out of hibernation. Dips and spreads are easy to throw in your bag, and are able to be used for meals and snacks. You can add them to a charceuterie board or add them to your eggs in the morning. If you haven’t discovered Better Than Yia Yias brand of dips then you are missing out! This Canadian brand can make you the best guest or host that ever graced your family and friends party. Personally, I believe the honey whipped Greek yogurt might just be heaven on earth, and it doesn’t hurt that full fat dairy contains many elements that are good for the body – such as magnesium, vitamin K, amino acids and calcium for strong teeth and bones. Many full fat yogurts also contain probiotics, which are good for a healthy gut balance. The main star attraction at snack time will be their lemon hummus, which has just a hint of a kick that will keep your mouth guessing with every bite. Chickpeas used in hummus are also a solid option to make sure you stay full between meals. As a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, chickpeas may offer a variety of health benefits, such as aiding weight management, improving digestion, and reducing your risk of disease.
  1. Eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner – Whether or not you are going up north camping or to a friends cottage it’s 2022 so even if you are staying closer to running water it’s time to rethink your eco footprint. Did you know? Most shampoos are more than 70% water, loaded with synthetic ingredients and packed in single-use plastic. A company called everist is rethinking that and has created the first waterless shampoo concentrate. A 100% plant-based paste-textured concentrate that is activated by the water in your shower.
  1. Supplement routine – Why is it that people think their health routine can work for them if they only do it Monday to Friday? Having a health routine can’t be just a part time thing to help you see results. To maximize your health, you need to create small consistent habits over a long period of time. A few ideas are to:
      • drink more water,
      • reduce your alcohol,
      • increase your sleep, or
      • stay consistent with your supplement routine.

For most people, and especially in the summer we stick to a healthy routine during the week and then it flies out the weekend Friday at noon until Monday morning. We designed our LIKE A MILLION BUCKS supplement sachets to be stylish and easy to slip into your bag to take with you on the go. They are filled with immune supporting vitamins and probiotics to keep you in tip top shape 365 days a year. The last thing anyone wants is to miss out on those few precious summer months we get to enjoy in Canada!

 Stay safe and have a great long weekend


The EVRYDAY team